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Company profile
Yongxing has been a skating company for 17 years and is one of the largest skating factories in China. Products include: inline skates, adjustable skates, four-wheel skates, traditional roller skates, skates, helmets, protective equipment, skateboards, energy boards, flying shoes, wind turbine and so on. The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with 10 main workshops, including: mold processing, injection molding, assembly, sewing, printing, etc.
Yongxing has been a supplier to wal-mart, target, tesco, Toys "R" Us and major chains around the world. The main markets are the United States, Europe, South America and the Middle East. New molds will be opened every year and new products will be provided to our Australian customers.
Yongxing company has obtained iso9001:2000 production certificate and ICTI international quality standard certification, providing guarantee for excellent quality and accurate delivery. The product has passed the American and European quality standards, such as CE, EN71 PART 1.2.3, EN13613. EN13843, EN13899. RoHS. EN62155. EN50088. In addition, the raw material has passed the 6P standard in the United States and Europe. You can check the test certificate on our website.
Welcome to our company, welcome to yongxing. We will do our best to serve you!
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Company philosophy: integrity, passion, innovation, team, responsibility
Good faith: be honest and trustworthy, rather lose oneself than lose others
Honesty is not to do the wrong things, to have a conscience, heart to heart, know Thanksgiving, "rather than lose others." In tianheng, we put "honesty" in the first place of our values.
Passion: persistent pursuit of dreams, do not give up
Passion means constantly challenging the impossible, pursuing higher goals and giving it our all. Passion means that we love what we are doing with all our heart and soul. We believe that our goals can be achieved, that we strive to do the best we can, and that we can find happiness and fulfillment in them.
In the process of achieving the goal, the situation in a stroke is rarely seen, often setbacks and difficulties follow. We may face the confusion from family members, "advice" from friends, contempt from opponents, anxiety from the heart, but we never give up.
Team: open and honest, encourage each other and grow together
Innovation: actively learn, do better, embrace change
Innovation is about serving customers better and serving them more effectively.
We believe that there is room for improvement in everything we are doing. To stay ahead of the competition, our work requires constant
innovation and ceaseless improvement. We always strive to get more done with less, and figure out how to do things better. Innovation is not just about technology; Products, services, pricing, channels, marketing, etc. can be innovated and must be innovated.
We rely on the team because we can't do it alone. Because our business requires a complementary team, we should always be humble. In tianheng, those who take the initiative and regard team honor and team performance as the first and try their best will win more respect from colleagues.
We advocate the "back culture", to become a team worthy of trust, so that the charging partners can safely back to us; We treat colleagues sincerely and kindly, encourage each other and grow together.
Responsibility: attention to detail, ordinary people do not do anything
Responsibility first means that you must do your job well. But it doesn't stop there.
Responsibility also means loving your work, focusing on it, focusing on it, and becoming an expert, which is the only way to improve yourself. Success is eight hours away.